This Victorian "Blood Book" Will Give You Nightmares

    Damn, this is some dark scrapbooking.

    The following is a very curious and mysterious object, which was included in Evelyn Waugh's collection at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin.

    It has come to be referred to as the "Victorian blood book."

    That red hue, however, is not blood; it is red India ink.

    This is only a selection of a few pages from the book, however the imagery is similar throughout — a mix of religious iconography, nature, and "extensive religious commentary."

    We can make an educated guess about a few things from the inscription...

    We can assume (but not confirm) that the artist is this Garland guy because his handwriting matches that in the book.

    While this appears terrifying to us now, it probably conveyed a different meaning to its Victorian owners.

    Still...there's something utterly haunting (and beautiful) about this book.

    Whoever made this is probably the world's first great graphic designer.