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    Feb 4, 2015

    This Studio Footage Of The Spice Girls Will Make You Miss The '90s

    Are you as good as I remember, baby? Sporty: "YES I AM."

    Here is a screengrab from video of the Spice Girls in 1996. They're in a church that appears to have been converted into a recording studio, where they're working on "2 Become 1."

    It seems a bit dubious that this "rare" footage is of the actual recording session seeing as the girls spend most of the song goofing off.

    And there's a professional camera crew catching it all...

    And there's also what appears to be a group of school children watching it all. Which, I mean, is amazing and I am jealous.

    Regardless, it's mesmerizing just to hear the group having fun and see them acting weird.

    Also: THOSE OUTFITS. Scary's puffy silver jacket FTW.

    Here's the entire clip. You'll wanna see it. And remember the good old days:

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