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    This "Seinfeld" Junior Mints Game Is Insane And Genius

    And so so so much fun.

    Do you remember the infamous Seinfeld episode, "The Junior Mint"? In which Jerry and Kramer observe a surgery, and Kramer pushes Jerry to take one of his Junior Mints?

    You remember that episode. If you don't...don't talk to me.

    And then this happens. A Junior Mint goes flying into a patient's body.


    Waaahhhhhh! Comedy!

    The folks behind the Twitter account @Seinfeld2000 have created this game based on the episode. And it is very, very bizarre.

    After choosing to play as Jerry or Kramer, you click to click to launch a Junior Mint so it bounces off the walls (kind of like Jezzball, if you remember that Windows game) to eventually land in the patient's open belly. Of course, moving parts — George, Elaine, NEWMANNNN — make this difficult.

    To make matters even more random (or maybe this is hipster art?), Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend sings the show's theme song as the game's soundtrack.

    Also. Watch out for Miley? WTF.

    You can play here.

    h/t: Dazed Digital