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    This Performance Of The "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" Song Is Undeniably Creepy

    This is definitely not what you picture when you hear this classic '60s hit.

    You know this song, right? Everyone knows this song.

    Well, in 1960, Brian Hyland (singer of the "Bikini" song, aka "teenage boy") gave a live performance of the song and this was the setup.


    1. This is a beach set-up where in Hyland, at right, sings.

    2. At the left, a random old lady.

    3. In the center, a young child hiding.

    Here is the supposed bikini-wearer. "She was afraid to come out of the locker," because she's wearing her itsy bitsy bikini for the first time.

    And you might be, too, if this scary grandma was waiting for you.

    Or if this hormone-fueled 17-year-old boy was singing suggestively about your swimming attire.

    But eventually, Bikini Child is forced out of the locker room.

    Only to be caught in the perilous seas.

    Until she can make it out and run into the arms of her savior.

    Oh shit. That's the "bikini"? Sorry, kid.

    See the whole performance of the song here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Via Emphatic Hands.

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