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This Delia's CD Playlist Will Blow '90s Girls' Minds

Songs from the catalog's free CDs that you haven't heard since 1998.

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'90s girls will most certainly remember how, in 1998, the Delia's catalog began including free CDs with your order.

These were short compilations largely featuring up-and-coming artists you'd probably never heard of. And this made you feel cool, because in the '90s, sourcing non-mainstream music in the boonies was not easy.

Now, thanks to NEW, MODERN, EXCITING technology (the Spotify), it's possible to recreate these nearly obsolete mixes. So GUESS WHAT? We did it for you (to the best of our abilities, because some of these artists are like wtf did you even exist).

Missing: "Legend of a Cowgirl" by Imani Coppola and "I & I" by Taja Sevelle.


Missing: "Young Again" by Josh Wink.

Missing: "West End: The Party" by Mark Clement, "Don't Stop Me" by DJ Thoka, "Uprocking Beats" by Bomfunk MC's, "Far Out" by Deejay Punk Roc, "New Groove" by Josh Wink.

Missing: "I Did" by Frogpond.

Missing: "Say What" by Shooter.


Missing: "Something More Beautiful" by PYT and "Cornflakes" by Michal.

Missing: "All the Time" by Kool Keith, "Wait Till I Get Home" by C Note, "Untitled" by Josh Wink.


Missing: "Generator" by Elastica.

Missing: "Best Friends" by Angela Via, "Nevermind Her Hips" by Virgin Wool.

Missing: "It May Take Some Time" by Ben Taylor.

Here's a sweet master playlist including ALL 70 songs from above. Rock out and enjoy!

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