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This Cautionary Tale Of A Drunk Woman Is A Hilarious And Sad Victorian PSA

Ladies: Do not drink. You will get pregnant. And you will die.

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In the late 1800s, magic lantern slide shows became popular both as a medium for entertainment and education. This series, "The Story of a Crime," tells the tale of a woman named Margaret Bell, "who is driven to drink, prison, and ultimately her death, by personal misfortune." Moral of the story: DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE DEMON DRINK. (Women.)

It takes but a few sips before Margaret has neglected her household duties; she passes out, judgement so poor that she has mistaken a wooden box for a bed pillow.

Several hours later, Margaret's sister comes by — as she does daily — to drop off Margaret's nephew, Edwin, so that she may provide more child care. Edwin is the first to see Marge in her drunken state. For shame, Margaret!

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