This 1998 Report On “Sex On The Web” Is Both Funny And Weirdly Relevant

Wanna cyber?

1. The Internet Cafe was a ’90s news show run out of the CyberSmith internet cafe in Palo Alto, California.

2. Tackling all things tech, one episode focused on S-E-X and the interwebs.

This opinion…probably still true?

3. Here’s an employee from (holy crap that site is old!), talking about what people come to the Internet for.

4. Here’s the founder of, an early erotica site.

This woman is a former stripper who taught herself HTML.

5. Remember when the web looked like this?

7. Another hard-hitting reporter wants to know about circle jerking…

8. Which is not actually what you think (and probably a more popular search term today).

9. Lycos LOL.

10. Check out this entire 1998 episode about sex on the web here:

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