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    Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Jul 31, 2014

    This 1997 Instructional Video On Cybersex Is Hilarious And Must Be Seen

    There was a "Seduction Junction" chat room.

    The year was 1997. The people were horny. They knew this "World Wide Web" contained erotic pleasures. But unlocking them was an enigma.

    Enter: This video guide, How to Have Cybersex on the Internet.

    All hail the holy Gods of 'Net.

    Your guide: This lady. Shetland Sweater Lady.

    She logs in to see who is up for some screen-to-screen steam.

    The place to go to is realtime/net.con (??) and look at all the chat room options to choose from ...

    Seeking cybersex is easy. Just say this:

    And, um, there you go!

    Check out the full video here!

    View this video on YouTube

    h/t: The Found Footage Festival via Laughing Squid