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    17 Things You Used To Write About In Your Diary

    Dear Diary, can't talk, gotta go, bye.

    1. First of all, many of us wrote about our lives to Dear Dairy, patron saint of milk and teenage secrets.

    2. Who to go to the dance with. WHY YOU GOT NO ANSWERS, DAIRY?

    3. How much you hated your mother/brother/sister/father/the whole goddamned world.

    4. What day it was and how sorry you were you couldn't write more.

    5. A list of all your BFFs, edited to reflect those who were dead to you.

    6. Any ~scandalous~ discoveries you made, which were BIG NEWS.


    "Dear Diary today I learned my 1st curse word bitch."

    "Dear Diary bitch."

    "Dear Diary I just learned the f word it is fuck."

    7. Crucial declarations such as this:

    8. Dumb poems.

    9. And DEEP poems, or "pomes."

    10. A list of all the celebrities you were going to bone.

    11. And a list of all your dead and living pets.

    12. The mysteries of life.

    "After I lost my ball and I got it back the air was comeing out. No one know how the ball is losing air. But beleve me the air is not comeing out by a hole."

    13. Which teachers you liked and which you didn't. Important for you records.

    14. When a crush said THINGS (any things) to you.

    15. Brief but important accounts of things gone wrong.

    16. Your popularity status. And pens.

    17. Philosophical reflections on the world's tragedies. Or just the first thing that came to mind to take up pages and make it seem like you wrote more in your diary than you actually did.

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