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    7 Things You Need To Know About The Spice Girls Before They Were Famous

    In this behind-the-scenes documentary, young Victoria Beckham is basically unrecognizable.

    The Gods of the '90s must have heard our prayers because they have given us a magical gift — Raw Spice: The Unofficial Story Of The Making Of The Spice Girls is now online in its entirety. The 2001 documentary pieces together interviews with the Spice Girls' creators along with behind-the-scenes footage of the group one year before they went public. Meaning you get to see them when no one had any idea who they were.

    It is a must-watch for any '90s girl and here's why...

    1. The girls had to audition for the group. The Spice Girls were manufactured by the music industry — because male pop groups were doing so well, the Spice Girls were meant to be the female answer.


    The footage from the documentary is from 1994, showing the girls as they rehearse and build their image — everything really does feel like a rough draft.

    2. There's an original 5th Spice Girl! She ended up leaving the group...

    According to Michelle, she left because it was "not the kind of music" she wanted to be doing and her mom got ill. According to everyone else, however, she "just wasn't fitting in." She was asked to leave. Which is just fine. We don't like her.

    3. Baby Spice replaced Michelle. And she's totally worth watching because she chews gum throughout the entire documentary.


    4. Posh Spice once looked like this. I repeat: This is Victoria Freakin' Beckham.


    5. Ginger and Scary didn't get along and you can see how Scary subtly makes jabs at her. Also, Ginger's hair.


    6. While they were still in rehearsals, the girls all lived together.


    It looks like a college dorm in there! The girls share rooms...and, um, is that Posh holding a teddy bear? It is Posh holding a teddy bear. What. Is. Going. On?!?!?

    7. Sporty had originally planned to go into theatre. She can also do no-handed cartwheels in a recording studio. Which is badass.


    Here's Raw Spice: The Unofficial Story Of The Making Of The Spice Girls in its entirety:

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