22 Things From “Sex And The City” That Are Now Woefully Outdated

And I couldn’t help but think… HAHA AOL.

3. Bedazzled flip phones.

4. Mocha shimmer lipstick.

5. Well-liked and respected investment bankers.

6. Having an email address like “shoegal@aol.com.”

7. Restaurants/bars having a landline and/or payphone for patron use.

8. The Ugliest Shirt You Have Ever Seen. (Miranda.)

10. O-v-e-r-alls.

11. Yogis wearing metallic silver jackets. Anyone wearing metallic silver jackets.

12. These sunglasses.

14. Unlisted phone numbers. Because aren’t we all unlisted now?

15. Pashminas.

(Also: Thank Jobs for the Genius Bar, know what I’m sayin’?)

17. Email being a “safe approach” to communicating with someone.

18. Selling your friends on the internet.

19. Au Bon Pain. LOL.

20. Da bomb.

21. The scary Mac man.

22. The choker. The twisty hair. The shiny fabrics. EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO.

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