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    18 Things '90s Girls Wore To Prom

    Back when your style icons were Britney Spears and Katie Holmes. (There's a whole lot of halter in here.)

    1. Slinky dresses with mesh overlay.

    2. Impossible-to-wear backless dresses.

    C'mon. Ain't nobody got the body for that.

    3. Teenie, tiny beaded purses.

    To store your vanilla shimmer gloss and Trojans.

    4. Iridescent materials.

    5. These flamenco-like dresses with the ghastly fringe hemlines.

    6. Gold hues. (Thank you Taylor Vaughn of She's All That.)

    7. God-awful chunky mary janes.

    8. Or even worse, glittery chunky heels.


    9. Embellished gowns guaranteed to blind you.

    10. $5 tiaras.


    11. Corset tops.

    Cue your father's protests: She can't go out of the house in underwear!

    12. Paired with an iridescent or tulle skirt like this.

    13. Chinese-inspired fashions.

    14. Worn, naturally, with your upscale takeout purse.

    15. Oh my godddd nooooo.

    ::Loses faith in humanity::

    16. There were a couple years when everything was seemingly covered in metal disco ball mesh.

    17. And the go-to accessory was a choker.

    18. But of course, the most popular trend: shiny (read: polyester) Jessica McClintock dresses.

    Some things never change...apparently.