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These Notes From The Lewinsky-Clinton Scandal Will Make You Cringe

A reminder that Monica was just so young.

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What is more cringey — "Dear Mr. P"? Or the fact that Mr. P gave her Leaves of Grass?

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Monica elaborated more on the tie she gave Bill in a phone conversation recorded by Linda Tripp:

LEWINSKY: I got the tie - the creep a tie.

TRIPP: Oh, please.

LEWINSKY: I know. It was 20 bucks at Marshalls.

TRIPP: Oh, good. Who makes it?

LEWINSKY: Calvin Klein. ... Yeah. It's gorgeous.

TRIPP: Yeah, Marshalls generally - every now and then you can hit.

LEWINSKY: I know. It's really nice. It's real different than all the other ones. But - so I put a really funny note with it. I'm going to send it with the book.