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    These Notes From The Lewinsky-Clinton Scandal Will Make You Cringe

    A reminder that Monica was just so young.

    What is more cringey — "Dear Mr. P"? Or the fact that Mr. P gave her Leaves of Grass?

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    Monica elaborated more on the tie she gave Bill in a phone conversation recorded by Linda Tripp:

    LEWINSKY: I got the tie - the creep a tie.

    TRIPP: Oh, please.

    LEWINSKY: I know. It was 20 bucks at Marshalls.

    TRIPP: Oh, good. Who makes it?

    LEWINSKY: Calvin Klein. ... Yeah. It's gorgeous.

    TRIPP: Yeah, Marshalls generally - every now and then you can hit.

    LEWINSKY: I know. It's really nice. It's real different than all the other ones. But - so I put a really funny note with it. I'm going to send it with the book.


    This note was sent after what would be Lewinsky's final encounter with Clinton. She's clearly an emotional wreck, yet still addresses her note "Dear Handsome."

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