These Models From The 1979 Victoria’s Secret Catalog Are All Plotting One Another’s Murders

It was a scary time for at-home lingerie shoppers.

1. Sitting Lady is clearly scheming while Champagne Satin Lady is getting ready to leave that rose at the scene of the crime. It’s her signature.

2. Clue: The Victoria’s Edition. The Brunette. With the perfume bottle. In the boudoir.

3. Can you not feel the awkwardness and tension in the room?

4. They call her Crouching Tiger, Hidden G-String of Death.

5. For a second, the members of this sexy trio have put aside their plots of secret deadly warfare. Instead they are now thinking about killing YOU.

6. Alliances have formed.

7. She sits in her fuzzy slippers and hideous nightgown, unaware of the hand that slowly creeps toward her bare neck.


Photos via The Wall Breakers.

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