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    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Highly Skilled Music Artists

    Did you know that in 1990, the turts went on tour and had a 10-track album?

    Who knew that these sewer-dwelling superheros were multi-talented? Apparently, the group formed a band, and in 1990, embarked on the "Coming Out of Their Shells" tour.

    The live-action tour was sponsored by Pizza Hut. I did not make that up.

    Their musical style could be described as "Journey." You can get a taste of it from this strong power rock anthem, "Count on Us."

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    Note the complex emotional range of the lyrics:

    You gotta fight to be free
    You gotta fight for what is right
    You gotta fight to be free
    But we need your help tonight

    Their live tour featured Michelangelo on guitar and Leonardo on bass. Which would magically keep playing even when the Turtles broke for a dance move. Raphael supposedly was the band's saxophonist, however the instrument rarely made an appearance.

    Despite having clunky shells, the Turtles moved with surprising grace through their show's choreography.

    A behind-the-scenes documentary gives us a closer look at the Turtles' musical talent. Observe Donatello's nimble finger work.

    Turt's got rhythm.

    Here's that classic hit, "Pizza Power."

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    Loving that snappy "Pizza Power" chorus:

    But pizza power
    A flying saucer food delight
    Pizza power
    Oh, that's what makes us feel all right!

    And here's "Skipping Stones," a slower, more introspective ballad. And a blatant Springsteen copy.

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    Seeing as you probably no longer possess the capacity to be entertained by grown men dancing in turtle costumes for a full hour (the tour went to VHS and can be found on YouTube), here's the "making of" short.

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    It is a mockumentary. But hopefully you understood that much.

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