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The 9 Most WTF Characters From American Girl Doll Books

Spoiler alert: they're all dudes.

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1. Coach Manley From The Julie Albright Series

Just your average, creepy gym teacher as seen in the Julie Albright series. Julie (released in 2007), is a "fun-loving" child of the '70s. Unlike this dude who is constantly shouting and is all, "Girls can't play basketball."

2. Jiggy Nye From The Felicity Merriman Series

The temperamental (and apparently quite handsy) town drunk from Felicity's Revolutionary War era world. He's violent and runs a tannery, which means he kills horses. I know.

3. Mike O'Malley From The Nellie O'Malley Series

Poor Nellie, Samantha Parkington's BFF, who got a release as a doll in 2004. Here's her Uncle Mike, the mean drunkard who tries to force Nellie to work so he can take her money. True story.

4. Brad McIntire From The Molly McIntire Series

Little brother to the WWII era doll, Molly McIntire (one of the original American Girl dolls, debuting in 1986). Brad's actually not so bad. Just looks like an ADD poster child.


6. Eddie Ryland From The Samantha Parkington Series

Pesky neighbor to Samantha Parkington (Victorian era orphan growing up with Grandmary). Eddie bullies Samantha and has a beetle collections (eew, boys!). He's also supposedly from a well-off family but goes to PUBLIC SCHOOL. Omg.

8. Benny Rubin From The Rebecca Rubin Series

Not a girl. The younger brother to Rebecca Rubin (released in 2009), a Jewish immigrant with dreams of being an actress (oh, honey). Benny's described as being very gullible, which probably explains why he thinks that haircut is cool.