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    The Magical Evolution Of The Easy-Bake Oven

    You owe your greatest culinary achievements to this classic toy. Let's look at how it's changed since its debut in 1963.

    1. 1963

    The original Easy-Bake oven was made to resemble a stovetop and used an incandescent light bulb to head little concoctions.

    2. 1968

    Betty Crocker becomes a partner, offering a new design and Betty Crocker cake mixes.

    3. 1969

    The same Betty Crocker model, only in everyone's favorite color of the era: puke green.

    4. 1973

    In the '70s, the design changed to reflect a more "modern" kitchen.

    5. 1976

    The cakes these models made were also larger than the Crocker range-style ovens.

    6. 1978

    Easy-Bake's first foray into the world of high-tech cooking came with this design, meant to resemble a microwave.

    7. 1980s

    In the '80s, Easy-Bake introduced another "advanced" function — a high/low lever, hence the "Dual-Temp" name.

    8. 1980s

    This model came in a few different colors. Either way, this is probably the ugliest Easy-Bake design.

    9. 1993

    Now we're talking. In the '90s, the Easy-Bake Oven and Snack Center offered a world of delectable magic.

    10. 2002

    Remember this model that was targeted at boys? With the Queasy Bake Cookerator, you could make such culinary masterpieces such as Chocolate Crud Cake, Delicious Dirt, or Crunchy Dog Bones.

    11. 2003

    The Easy-Bake Real Meal Oven goes on the list of things that should have never existed. With this model, you could make savory snacks like pizza, pasta, and nachos. *Barfs in mouth, swallows it.*

    12. 2006

    This model, which went back to the stovetop design, was recalled after the front-loading feature began burning the tiny fingers of American children everywhere.

    13. 2008

    Back to the microwave version. Oh my God this is crazy looking...

    14. 2011

    But not as crazy as this purple thing! Where are we? In an episode of The Jetsons? It doesn't even use a light bulb. How on earth are these kids cooking miniature pies?

    15. 2013

    After the recent gender controversy sparked by a New Jersey girl, Easy-Bake responded by promising to create a gender-neutral oven, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Show last month.

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