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The Flintstones Sold Cigarettes In The '60s

This isn't messed up.

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Did you know...

That in 1960, Winston cigarettes were a sponsor for The Flintstones. At the time, the cartoon was geared more toward grown-ups. But still. The prehistoric cast became "spokestoons," doing shameless product placement bits, which were incorporated into the episodes. Winston at least had the decency to end its partnership with the show once Wilma got pregnant.

After watching Betty and Wilma do all the housework, Barney and Fred decide to "do something" so they decide to "take a break" with Winstons.

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After fixing the record player, Fred rewards Barney with a cancer stick, er, Winston.

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And then it gets creepy when the record begins playing a Winston spokesman voice.

Fred goes down to the shop for a pack of cigs, talks about how great they are. For a full minute.

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