"The Bionic Woman" Doll House Was Da Bomb

And she had a Bionic Beauty Salon?! That is so going to be the next lady trend.

1. The Bionic Woman was a ’70s TV show about a tennis player who, after a nearly fatal parachuting accident, was rehabilitated by bionics…

In the show, she gains super-human strength in her right arm, legs, and super-hearing in her right ear. She becomes a spy and uses her cyborg-like powers to fight evil. (So cool…can we get a re-make?)

Here is the catalog for The Bionic Woman toy line.

3. Which included this super cute dome doll house.

4. Look at those fancy windows and that groovy fireplace.

5. You could also get this high-tech beauty salon set-up for your Bionic Woman doll…

6. It’s a sort of beauty computer.

7. The doll came with a few outfits, some sporty…

8. Some for daytime activities…

9. And outfits for more formal affairs. Can’t go wrong with a white pants suit, right?

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