The Beautiful 1998 "Dawson's Creek" J. Crew Catalog

    It's almost like getting a lost episode in khaki form. Doo-doo-doo-doo-dooooooo.

    If you want to own the real thing, here's one on eBay going for $124.99. But behold the magic inside...

    Joey takes comfort in Pacey's English wool peacoat and stonewashed oxford shirt.

    Joey holds onto a football for dear life as Pacey performs the Heimlich maneuver.

    The gang excludes Jen from a group hug after an important meeting in their J. Crew treehouse.

    Jen attempts to scale a tree in flip-flops. She is a "fast girl" from "the big city," so she doesn't know any better.

    Dawson and Pacey play with a dog while discussing their life dreams.

    Joey tests the waters of Capeside's creek.

    Dawson discusses his latest movie idea: "For once, I'm going to do something lighthearted. A fun comedy." Joey and Pacey think this is hilarious.

    Joey and Pacey engage in a rousing game of hand-holdage.

    The gang sports such classic Americana fashions as fishermen's cable-knit sweaters and chinos.

    Joey, Pacey, and Dawson decide to ruin all their nice J. Crew clothes.

    In an attractive bucket hat, Pacey enjoys a relaxing day in Capeside.

    Pacey smiles at a funny thing off-camera; Jen projects her beauty.

    Spring 1998: Capeside Couture.

    Just a reminder...all this can be yours for $124.99. Act now!