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The 6 Types Of People You'll Meet At Bloomingdale's In 1976

According to this old 60 Minutes footage, Bloomies was ranked just after the MET as the best sexual meeting ground. Just watch out for Crazy Eyebrows Lady.

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In 1976, 60 Minutes did a report on the popularity of shopping at Bloomingdale's. It was THE thing to do on a Saturday in NYC, apparently.

And here are the folks you might meet there...

1. Boring People Who Probably Hate Each Other And Have Decided To Do Some Passive-Agressive Fondue Set Shopping

2. Mustachioed Gentlemen Looking For A Good Time

3. Women So Obsessed With Freebies That They'll Do This Beauty Routine In Public


4. Crazy Eyebrows Lady

5. Diva Makeup Artists Who Don't Give You A Choice

6. The Queen Of England