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The 14 Things You Can Learn About Humanity From "Love Connection"

This dating game show, popular in the '80s and '90s, cut to the core of our beings and highlighted the essence of mankind.

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Yes, these are all real quotes from the show.

1. Inhabiting the present is for the weak.

2. Compatibility is 90 percent physical attraction.

3. Tan people prefer to date within their own race.

4. Our honesty can be both brutal and arbitrary.

5. See above.

6. Men with mullets are really this stupid.

7. We are never who we appear to be.

8. We know that alcohol fogs our judgement, and yet we willingly ignore this knowledge.

9. Life is really this simple.

10. We all have our sexual quirks. Some people are surprisingly open about them.

11. Self-perception is both entirely accurate and entirely wrong.

12. A man is a feminist when he's pro-choice about women's...aesthetic freedom.

13. It has come to this.

14. Oh God. We are all going to die alone.

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