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    The 13 Most Ridiculously Expensive Vintage School Supplies On eBay

    Presenting...the most expensive "vintage" school supplies on eBay. We can't afford any of them.

    13. Set Of 3 Mead Kitty Folders, $59.95

    I mean. Those cats ARE pretty cute.

    12. Mead "I'm Late For Class" Folder, $59.95

    This is just for one folder. One.

    11. '80s Original Trapper Keeper Notebook, $74.99

    Our girl White Lightning tipped us off to this crazy trend—Trapper Keepers going for mad money. it just me or is this actually...really cute?

    10. '70s Soccer Trapper Keeper, $89.95

    Old skool!

    9. Pack Of Crayola Magic Scent Crayons, $99.99

    Remember these? The rose-scented one was the best.

    8. Magic The Gathering Trapper Keeper, $100

    This does not make you a dork. Not at all.

    7. Polly Pocket Pencil Case, $119.99

    Who knew Polly would turn out to be such a real estate genius?

    6. Hello Kitty Pencil Case, $145

    Will Hello Kitty ever go out of fashion? Never.

    5. Lisa Frank Collector's Tin With Stencils, Bookmarks & Stickers, $229.99

    Lisa Effing Frank. So ugly. Yet so good. And so expensive now.

    4. Nintendo Power Trapper Keeper, $250 / Via Twitter: @white_lightning

    Kicking yourself yet?

    3. 9-Piece Lisa Frank Sticker Collector's Set, $499.99


    2. Vintage Jansport Navy Blue Backpack, $1,995

    For real? I had this exact same one.

    1. Lot Of Vintage Scratch 'N Sniff Stickers, $28,000

    To be fair, there are 379 packs in this lot, meaning you get thousands of stickers!!!

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