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That Time "Cocteau Twins Fever" Hit Ohio In 1985

"A live report from a rock happening in Columbus."

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Here's a gem for fans of the Cocteau Twins — a compilation of news reports on a supposed COCTEAU FEVER that hit Columbus, Ohio in 1985. This was a special occasion because the Scottish band was only playing in five other U.S. cities and Columbus wasn't exactly a musical hotspot.

But, lo and behold, the Cocteau Twins graced Ohioans with their presence and then the punks came from far and wide and this was VERY STRANGE, for their manner of dress was bizarre indeed: "For the punk set, these clothes and these hairstyles are the equivalent of white tux and tails."

Here's a couple news clips covering the Twins' show and it is wonderful. Or, in the words of the Cocteau Twins: Glafanuuunfanufefeauiiiipennefeveiajsiii.

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