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    15 Things About The Telephone You Will (Probably) Never Experience Again

    Remember *69? I can't believe that existed.

    1. Landlines. There's seriously no reason to have one. If you still have one, are you using it as a decor statement?

    2. Screen a call on your answering machine.

    Do young people even know what "screening a call" is?!

    3. Wait for a couple minutes for the tape on your answering machine to rewind before listening to your messages. If you're standing there for a while, you got mad messages.

    4. Dial *69 to find out who last called you.

    5. Use the Yellow Pages...seriously why are these always showing up on my doorstep?

    6. Tell MCI to cut the phone calls. RIP MCI.

    7. Dial 411. I mean, you can. But there's a reason God made 3G.

    8. Dial "0" on your phone for an operator. Maybe this still exists from landlines. I'm too afraid to try it.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    9. Have two separate carriers—one for long distance, one for local.

    10. Dial one of these numbers before a call because they supposedly made your call cheaper?

    11. Use the pay phone at school because obviously everyone has a cell phone.

    12. Freak out over your minutes running out. Not even your best friend is using your phone.

    13. Pay more for a phone call you make a couple states over.

    14. Get that annoying BEEP BEEP BEEP when someone's line is busy and they don't have call waiting.

    15. Have a separate caller ID machine. And be so excited about getting caller ID: definitely never gonna happen again.