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Stephanie Tanner's Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Stephanie Tanner: the under-appreciated DIY goddess.

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1. First, find an adorable Japanese boy to propose to you.

2. Repurpose leftover 4th of July decorations.

Like this. Now you can bring out all that stuff you bought at Pier 1 for your fancy 4th party two years ago.

3. A roll of wax paper makes a beautiful train and will only cost you $2.99!

Stephanie also suggests another household material — dryer sheets. Here's a real wedding dress made from dryer sheets.

4. Use kazoos to have your guests become the band.

Because they also make beautiful favors.

5. Put your own twist on old, boring scripture.

6. Make your vows brutally honest for a change.

7. Skip fancy, expensive rings. Try instead temporary Scooby-Doo tattoos.

Remember: they don't have to match to be beautiful.

8. Incorporate something into the ceremony that's full of personal meaning and metaphor — like crossing the street together.

Martha Stewart called Tanner's street-crossing tradition "the new bouquet toss."

9. You'll have a life of happiness!

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