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    20 Signs You Were A Dave Matthews Band Fanatic

    Totally prepared to hike up your skirt a little more and show your world.

    1. If you're an original Daveslave, this is the album that started it for you.

    2. But this album was wicked cool. You are so into jam bands now.

    3. Around 1996, you started realizing these songs were just, like, so friggin' good.

    4. If you were a girl, and they played "Crash" at the dance, you'd join hands with your friends and spin around trying to recreate this feeling.

    5. At a certain point, your pants became so baggy.

    6. His faces. Slightly insane. But you loved them.

    7. Your CD collection looked like this...

    8. If you were hardcore, you became obsessed with collecting live recordings — you could send blank CDs to other fans and they'd send them back with their recordings.

    9. Bonnaroo 2005 was basically the best time of your life.

    10. You momentarily thought about taking up rock violin.

    11. But you were more inspired to learn guitar.

    12. You put DMB lyrics on any surface available to you.

    13. You always wanted to make a pilgrimage to this Charlottesville, VA bar.

    14. But you'd certainly travel miles just to hear 25+ minute versions of "#41"

    15. And you liked these guys — it was awesome when they guys played with DMB.

    16. Davespeak=the best language

    17. Hi, khaki cargo shorts, the uniform of many a DMB fan.

    18. Hi, frat guy with puka shell necklace. This was also you.

    19. Of course you jammed and tailgated at a DMB concert.

    20. And you waited anxiously every year to get those summer tour dates. And it was the best party when you finally got them.

    Maybe this is still you. Rock on.