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    14 Signs Judy Funnie Influenced Your Upbringing

    You are all dull peasants. I am an artiste.

    1. At some point, you were deep into spoken word, improv dance, and/or poetry. Or you just had a very intense Livejournal.


    ::Puts on Ani DiFranco CD and scribbles furiously in journal with feather quill::

    2. You find human tragedy beautiful and fascinating.

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    SWF seeks sexy Hamlet type.

    3. Anything for art.

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    The struggle is part of the process.

    4. You are obsessed with health trends — anything that will elevate your mind-body connection.

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    Sooooo many juice cleanses. Peeing for days.

    5. You've never been one to shy from public displays of drama.

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    6. You've said this. A LOT.

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    And then you did speak to them again.

    7. You always look fierce.

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    I'm using a mirror to put on my lipstick, not like I need it.

    8. You'd never let any lowbrow pop culture pollute your superior mind.

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    Unless, of course, you need to watch 90210 for an essay on deconstructing postmodern images of American teenage culture.

    9. You just naturally have philosophies on life and you espouse them with eloquent ease.

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    SoooOOoooooOOorRy for being so smart.

    10. You do yoga.

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    It has changed your life.

    11. You always know more than everyone else around you.

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    Hahaha, you're so quaint!

    12. And anyone who questions your wisdom will be shot. down.

    Do NOT oppose me, peasant.

    13. You dislike "the Man."

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    He is sooOOoooOoo un-artistic.

    14. And while you may be intense and serious, you also know it's sometimes not worth it to care.

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