10 Dead (But Still Rad) Teen Magazines

Remember these teen magazines? They may be gone, but definitely not forgotten.

1. YM, 1932-2004

Did you know this was the second oldest girls’ magazine in America?

2. Bananas, 1975-1984

This was put out by Scholastic Press and was edited by Jovial Bob Stine aka R.L. Stine.

3. Teen People, 1998-2006

The younger cousin to People, with focus on young celebs.

4. CosmoGirl, 1999-2008

Fashion, life, celebs, and—duh—boys. But chances are if you read CosmoGirl you also read its big sis, Cosmo.

5. Pizzazz, 1977-1979

Published by Marvel Comics, this short-lived publication was about fun and games, with comic strips, puzzles, and features on blockbuster movies.

6. Sassy, 1988-1996

Everyone’s favorite shuttered teen mag was all about an honest, kind of indie voice, catering to cool and smart girls.

7. Nickelodeon Magazine, 1993-2010

If you can’t watch TV, might as well read it. Random trivia: The first two issues were distributed at Pizza Huts.

8. Dynamite, 1974-1992

An activity book-meets-magazine, Dynamite featured popular celebs from TV and movies, and also included recipes, games, and tricks.

9. ELLE Girl, 2001-2006

An attempt to be a slightly more highbrow publication for girls with a focus on fashion and trends. Sad this isn’t still around, but there’s always Teen Vogue.

10. Teen, 1954-2009

Who knew Teen had been around for so long? The version you probably knew was pretty girly with real girl stories and celeb fashion.

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