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    Mar 8, 2013

    Relive Your Y2K Freakout In 19 Steps

    New Year's Eve, 1999: You embrace for the impending demise of civilization. Or just nothing.

    1. Have you guys heard of this Y2K thing?

    2. Is that like a new group?

    Like Boys II Men or S Club 7? Are they any good?

    3. Nooo. It stands for Year 2000. Basically, the Computer People didn't think ahead.

    And computers can only recognize years with two digits. So when we hit the year 2000, they'll just see 00 and think it's 1900. And this is bad. Very, very bad.

    4. Actually, we don't really know what's going to happen.

    Flickr: dan_h

    BUT STILL. It could be bad.

    5. The computers will get confused and break.

    And all our communications and electronics will go crazy. You won't be able to go anywhere or do anything and nothing is going to work.

    6. What if you can never do this again?

    7. And your VCR won't be able to record "Road Rules" or anything anymore.

    Flickr: 27117418@N07

    Ugh. I hate you, VCR.

    8. Basically the world is headed for complete and utter chaos.

    And now you have to prepare for the impending anarchy.

    9. You have some time to prepare, so your basement starts to look like this.

    10. Your mom has you make a list of all the appliances in the house.

    11. Including this one.

    12. And then makes you call all the manufacturers to make sure that they are Y2K compliant.

    (Which you don't do, because by now you're all, Mom. Chill.)

    13. Your mom also wants you wearing one of these (for no apparent reason).

    14. Better take out a bunch of cash, because the ATMs will be useless.

    15. Whatever you do, when the clock strikes 12, don't be in an elevator.

    16. Or an airplane.

    17. Because you never know.

    18. But you're still going to party on NYE, so you go out (in these glasses) and wait. What...will...happen?

    19. Nothing.

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