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    8 Reasons Why Young Celine Dion Was A Gift To Us All

    Celine's awkward phase: <3

    1. Because at 14-years-old, she was already wowing Canadian audiences with her voice and creative headband wearage.

    2. Because when she was surprised by her family joining her in song on live TV, she squealed with joy. This performance is from the early '80s.

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    Did you know that Celine is the youngest of 14 kids, and her entire family is musical?

    3. Because when she was learning English at age 15, she pronounced the word "angry" as "hangry."

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    "Hangry," of course, is also a good word to know.

    4. Because I don't know what is going on in this outfit, but I can't look away.

    5. Because oh my goodness, the combo of that gold lipstick and electric blue blazer.

    6. Because this 1987 shot could have just as easily been a promotional poster in any beauty salon.

    7. Because when she was 23 and just breaking into American markets, Regis Philbin pronounced her name Say-lane.

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    For goodness sake, Regis, it was 1990 and the girl had already put out 10 albums by then!

    8. Because early '90s Celine was everything you always wanted to be.