17 Reasons Why Mr. Belding Was The World's Creepiest Principal

    Your high school experience would really suck if every time you went to the bathroom, your principal was in there pumping iron.

    1. He's the original Regina George.

    2. Like 90 percent of the time, his preferred topics of discussion involved sexual references.

    3. One minute, he'd act like your best friend, the next turn into the Dictator of Bayside.

    4. When talking about serious matters with students, he'd get all up in their space. A mere foot of air separating two heads.

    5. He asked Slater to wrestle him in the hallway. And we know how that turned out for him.

    6. He thought himself a ladies man.

    7. Correction: He thought himself a barely legal ladies man.

    8. There was that one time he had no place to go, so his logical solution was to go hang out in Zack's bedroom. On his bed.

    9. If he wasn't in his office the next place you'd look to find him would be the boys' bathroom.

    10. The fact that he spent a great deal of his day working out in the boys' bathroom...and not the gym...is slightly suspicious.

    11. He talked about his bootylicious body with students.

    12. And what, exactly, did Mr. Belding want from Zack?

    13. He married off his students??? WTF? This was the time that Belding facilitated a group project in which Bayside students simulated pretend marriages.

    14. I'm not sure what's weirder — a guy who thinks smoking a pipe is cool or a guy who doesn't smoke a pipe and just keeps it around as an accessory.

    15. He literally danced like no one was watching. (No one was watching.)

    16. And don't pimp out your niece. C'mon.

    17. Thank you, Belding, for leaving me with this heinous mental image. I don't even care that you were arrested.