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Rashida Jones Was In "Sassy" When She Was 15

Ann Perkins: Still totally cool and sweet in 1992.

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While "Sassy" says, "We don't usually flaunt the children of celebs on our pages," the sister duo (daughters of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones) was proved to be totally fun and down-to-earth.

Now you know Rashida's favorite feature is her eyes: "I like how they change colors. Whenever I cry, they get bluer. They get gray when I'm depressed. They're green when I'm doing what I gotta do."

We find out they're two very different sisters.

Aw! Here's a window onto Rashida's childhood: "I used to be fat. My face was really round and I had a really big stomach. People made fun of me a lot."


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