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18 Radiant Ways To Get Your Glitter Mani On

You have inner glitter. Here's your outer.

1. First thing's first: Here's how to do an ombre effect with loose nail glitter. You can do it on the tips of your nails, or from the bottom up.

Full instructions at The Beauty Department.

2. Applying all-over glitter is shockingly simple.

Just apply a coat of clear and dip your nails. For a raw look, don't even do a clear topcoat!

Just apply a coat of clear and dip your nails. For a raw look, don't even do a clear topcoat!

3. One way to do a gradient effect is to make your base ombre (using your normal nail polish) and apply a coat or two of glitter over the nail.

4. Another way to get ombre loveliness: combine two different shades of glitter.

5. Also, ombre nails don't have to go up and down — why not switch up the direction like this:

6. For a messier look, try this half-dipped technique.

More details at Kouture Kiss.

More details at Kouture Kiss.

7. To get a glazed look, you can try applying glitter nail polish FIRST, then topping with an opaque lacquer.

8. Can't find the EXACT glitter polish you want? You can definitely make your own.

The Beauty Department knows a great DIY recipe.

9. There's also this no-polish method, which uses only glue.

10. Don't want to be too flashy? Glitter nails can also be subtle. Just stick with neutrals.

11. Make your French mani shine with a glitter stripe.

12. Or you can make dazzling half-moons with glitter polish.

13. The single glitter nail is a popular choice, but it's also a cool idea to trace around portions of your cuticle with that shiny fairy dust.

14. Or, similar outlining idea: Coat the nail in glittery polish, then outline with a solid color.

15. Most glitter manis are HIGH VERY HIGH MAXIMUM HIGH GLOSS. But look how cool an ombre effect is on matte nails:

16. For the more advanced nail artist, cutouts filled with glitter make a fetching design:

17. If you have patience and tweezers, here's one way to make use of craft glitter you may have lying around:

18. And if you've tried glitter tips and moons, try this design which takes a stripe of shine to the middle. Milky Way nails!
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