34 Pieces Of Super '90s Jewelry

    You totally owned so many of these. Because, aliens: yes.

    1. Remember chokers? Remember peace signs? Remember how you wore them together?

    2. OMG ying-yangs.

    3. But ying-yang jewelry that came apart to share with your BFF? Even better.

    4. Aliens! Ahhh these were so ugly.

    5. Watch rings. Seriously, the dumbest jewelry idea ever.

    6. Remember when holograms were the shit? They were, like, the future. And magic. And you could wear them.

    7. The time Sarah P. went to Florida and brought back these bracelets for you and your besties.

    8. There was so much hemp going on.

    9. Attn: Hot Topic junkies.

    10. Cc: Raver kids.

    11. These happened in the late '90s and sometimes offered magical healing properties. They totally worked.

    12. Here's the daisy chain bead bracelet you told everyone you made at camp. (You bought it at Claire's.)

    13. Oh God. Attack of the puka shell necklaces.

    14. There was also that smiley face period when we were all vaguely obsessed with hippies.

    15. And we were convinced that the '70s looked like this.

    16. Or this.

    17. Seriously, what was our deal with '70s fads. Generation Y should at least be credited with keeping the mood ring industry alive.

    18. I had these gummy bear earrings in orange. In third grade, this kid Jason Coocher tried to eat them.

    19. Obviously.

    20. There was a period when everyone was really into dolphins. Blame Lisa Frank.

    21. If you wore this, you probably also had a lava lamp.

    22. Anklets: The most irritating form of jewelry. Making you constantly feel as though you were being tickled or pestered by a fly.

    23. I had almost this exact same one. I'm now thinking it's kind of cool that I did.

    24. Here is your "fancy" jewelry.

    25. And your dragonfly necklace, which held your secrets and dreams.

    26. Earrings that looked like actual objects — forks, drinks, flowers, food — always a crowd-pleaser.

    27. OK. Toe rings. Jewelry should not go on your feet. It is just wrong, people.

    28. A beaded ring with a fimo center. I bet that looked great with your A&E peasant top.

    29. This leather floral choker is actually still cute. No doubt Urban Outfitters is all over this.

    30. Nice sunflower/cord choker. Do you have the matching hair clips, too?

    31. Tiny words on rice never ceases to amaze.

    32. For goth and/or gamer girls.

    33. The source of all your mother's anxiety.

    34. And finally, the crystal pendants. For when you went through your Wicca phase. Pure magic.