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    Oh God Someone Is Trying To Sell A "Space Jam" Jacket For $1,500

    Plus a few other utterly inexplicable vintage clothing items to blow your paycheck on.

    Up on eBay, this Space Jam jacket. Current bidding price is $1,500.

    Described by the seller as a "promo jacket," the item says "animation crew" on the front. So if you are desperate to have people believe you worked on Space Jam, put in your bids now. However, you could save a bundle with these equally awesome numbers...

    How about a knit Vanilla Ice sweater for $298?

    No? Well there's always this dashing '90s Moschino graphic button-up, priced at $346.50.

    Although these vintage Coors vans are a steal at $499.99.

    But how could you not want this funky fresh suit for $360?

    Or these Tupac Thug Life overalls for $799.99?

    I mean, these are kind of amazing.

    Will you at least settle for this $275 North Face jacket from the '90s? You will? OK good. Thank you please come again.

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