10 Mugshots From The 1930s With Curious Details

    People should really think twice when picking a criminal alias.

    A capsule provided by the Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums, these mugshots are thought to be taken in the 1930s in and around Newcastle, England.

    1. "Bad character" but amazing hair.

    2. "Enters by means of skylight." Also fancies himself a Spiderman.

    3. Alias: "Cocky."

    4. Dead and a horrible person but mainly because he played violin outside of bars.

    5. This guy just seems happy to be here.

    6. Alias: "Doggy." No relation to Snoop.

    7. Alias: "Fatty Potter." No relation to Harry.

    8. This is the kind of guy who actually introduces himself as the "Sunderland Kid."

    9. Peculiarities: "Squints."

    10. "Associates with all classes of thieves." Someone doesn't like your friends.