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The 27 Most Important Hair Moments Of 2014

Get lock-y.

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2. Lauren Conrad chopped off her signature locks, starting the lob trend.

3. Katy Perry dyed her hair "slime" green.

"Slime" being her own term for the color.

4. And then she dyed it red. The inspiration for the shade was the Muppets' Animal.

6. Lena Dunham got a bowl cut.

7. And then, like Katy Perry, she also dyed it green.

2014: Year of slime hair?

9. Justin Bieber bleached his hair.

Oh joy.

10. Beyoncé got bangs.


11. She also rocked a bob.



14. Solange's wedding afro was stunning.

And at some point, Bey adorned it with flowers. Solange wrote on her Insta: "Dreaming of these flowers my sister put in my hair at dinner. One by one they bloomed in my afro, and stayed there until I danced them away."

16. Artist FKA Twigs came onto the scene and reminded us how beautifully artistic baby hairs can be.

She also did amazing things with braids and buns, obviously.


20. Kylie Jenner, like the handsful of celebs before her, also dyed part of her hair a shade of green.

But this is special because it's a deep, rich teal.

21. On OITNB, Crazy Eyes changed her signature hairstyle, which was a major plot development.

She's apparently been wearing her knots since childhood, and we saw the moment she got this hairstyle — it was part of a pretty big reveal about Suzanne's past.


22. Jim Carrey gave people bowl cuts on Hollywood Boulevard during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

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Americans willingly let Jim Carrey cut their hair. A very important moment.

23. Nicki Minaj gave a 5-year-old girl with cancer one of her signature pink wigs.

The pic she posted to her Instagram currently has 384k likes.

27. OITNB star Dascha Polanco played it up with a gray wig.

She also talked to BuzzFeed about hairstyles and wigs: "It’s 2014, baby. And you know what? We have to play. It’s time to play. There’s so much available to provide, share, and motivate each other. If something as simple as changing your hair makes you feel good, go for it. Why not?"


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