The 21 Most Glittery Moments Of "Glitter"

This 2001 Mariah Carey movie was a shimmery turd.

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And now, for a look back at 2001's most inspiring movie about the struggles of fame and family. It's all about finding your inner glitter. So go on and get your glitter back, girl. Let's look at the beauty in Mariah's oeuvre.

4. When Padma Lakshmi plays Sylk, a tone-deaf aspiring recording artist who invites Billie and her girls to be backup vocalists. And from the get-go, Billie's thinking, "Pack your knives and go, bitch."

20. When Billie finds her mom who has been totally clean and living in a pretty cute looking place in Maryland all this time. Sometimes the glitter keeps people apart. The glitter has its reasons.