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Mandy Moore's "Candy" Video Is The EPITOME Of 1999

It's an explosion of spiky hair and skateboards in here.

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Remember "Candy," that adorably catchy tune sung by a 15-year-old Mandy Moore in 1999? The video begins in her bedroom. Is that inflatable furniture I spy?

Then she's in this outfit which combines so many components of Millennium fashion. Note the bra and spaghetti strap combo. Always your mom's favorite.

The headphones.

And then another outfit with this hairstyle — a layered cut with a middle part, duh. No clue what's going on with that arm band, though. Did I miss that trend? Fuck. I failed the '90s.

Then her friends (who won't come in the house) call to her. They are all wearing variations on the same outfit with parachute cargo pants. And causing grief to their fathers with their bare midriffs.

They all pile into a green VW Bug, the coolest car of 1999, naturally. And in America, you can totally drive your 15-year-old friends around in it.

Is that a for sale sign in Mandy's yard? Are they selling the house because her parents are splitting up? This would also be very 1999.

As they drive, they pass someone skateboarding. These were kinda whatever for a couple years but they're rad in 1999 again. Thanks, Mandy.

Oh and here's a skateboard with a hot guy. As for those Vespas...hmm. The European neighbors?

Hot Guy's friend has a backpack and a t-shirt with Hawaiian graphics.

Then Mandy pursues her love at a local diner where she and her girls only order water. Ugh. 1999 was the hungriest year.

They head outside to dance and — whatttttt?!?! — not one, but TWO VWs? This is the coolest town ever!

Of course we have to have some formation dancing.

But Mandy wants to really drive it home so not only does she end with an awesome formation dance, but it's in an empty pool with....skateboarders!

Ohhhhh yeah.

Re-live the full "Candy" video in all its glory here:

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