Lisa Frank Is A Real Person And Here Is The Video To Prove It

A million shiny unicorns and aliens for everyone!

1. The folks at Urban Outfitters have gone where no camera crew has gone before — the Lisa Frank headquarters. So, who IS Lisa Frank?

2. This is Lisa Frank. She’s very private. She did not want to be revealed on camera.

3. This is a glimpse of what the Lisa Frank HQ in Tucson looks like…

4. Giant animals everywhere.

5. And rainbows galore.

6. The best part: There is a fire-proof vault containing a copy of every single Lisa Frank product ever made, plus the original, hand-drawn artwork (from the pre-computer era).

Anyone care to guess how much this room is worth? Millions?

7. Lisa doesn’t reveal a ton about herself in this documentary. But she does say this. So mysterious…

8. Although Lisa Frank may prefer to stay out of the public eye, if you search around, you can find some pictures of her. THIS is Lisa Frank. Hi! U R pretty.

9. Check out this great four minute short on Lisa and her business:

Video available at:

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