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Kimmy Gibbler Is On Instagram And Her '90s Pics Are Insane

Andrea Barber, aka Kimmy Gibbler from Full House, has been posting adorably amazing behind-the-scenes and personal pics of her and the Tanner fam.

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Christmas 1991: Kimmy, Jeremy Miller (aka the kid from Growing Pains), Urkel, and DJ Tanner.

Wow. Just WOW.

Ahh! The Full House girls at the San Diego Zoo in 1989.

Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler getting along? Wow.


Oh my gawwww, it's the Full House family hanging out in 1989.

Kimmy's caption: "Three amigas. I think we were all secretly in the running for "coolest bangs." Our caption: "Agreed."

Andrea Barber on Instagram: andreabarber.