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    16 Kids Of The Past Doing Halloween Better Than You

    These costumed kids made Halloween their bitch.

    And now, for your enjoyment, a collection of photographs from the 1930s through the 1960s that may make you see just how terrifying DIY can be...

    1. OK, 1930s batgirl, you are awesome.

    2. This is like the 1930s equivalent of dressing up with your friends as the Spice Girls to go trick-or-treating.

    Hulton Archive / Getty

    3. You know that kid in the bunny mask just stood in a corner of this 1950s Halloween party and breathed heavily. Which means he's awesome.

    Hulton Archive / Getty

    4. Dogs: Usually cute. These dogface children: Ready to sneak up behind you and spook the crap out of you.

    5. The ever-popular Batman costume, here in 1955. And even...homemade? You rock.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    6. This cute coven of witches understands the profound awesomeness of group costumes.

    Hulton Archive / Getty

    7. Back in the '40s, a railroad engineer was a totally viable costume. Now, it'd be ironic. CC: Hipsters.

    Lambert / Getty Images

    8. Is he a cop or a cowboy? A copboy? Genius. Bet you never thought of that one.

    Lambert / Getty Images

    9. Proof that attitude needs to match your costume. I can hear this baby cheerleader's screams...even some 70 years later.

    H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

    10. This 1950s girl reminds us that you can rock a simple costume. Just remember: Accessorize!

    George Marks/Retrofile / Getty Images

    11. The long face only adds to the complexity and thoughtfulness of his cowboy costume.

    Constance Bannister Corp / Getty Images

    12. For these 1960s kids dressed as a queen, a clown, and a cat — I give these classic costumes an A.

    Bill Peters/The Denver Post via Getty Images

    13. That girl with the Unicef box? Definitely bringing home more pennies than you.

    Ira Gay Sealy/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

    14. When all else fails, there's always the good old trash bag trick. Never fails to make someone uncomfortable.

    15. Caped kids learning a Batman dance in 1966. 'Cause your Halloween moves should be just as rad as your look.

    Yale Joel/Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

    16. Expressionless masks on small people=truly terrifying. Confirmed: You're doing it right.