12 Jarring Color Images Of Black And White TV Shows

    You probably remember most of these images in shades of black and white. In color, it's a whole different world.

    1. This shot on the set of I Love Lucy makes the Ricardos' living room look like your grandparents' house.

    2. Grandpa (or Sam Dracula) from The Munsters — his face is green?!

    3. Here's the entire Munster family.

    4. Herman Munster with little Eddie Munster.

    5. Here's a look at Bewitched...it was broadcast in black and white between 1964 and 1966.

    6. If you ever watched Nick at Nite as a kid, you probably saw episodes of Bewitched in black and white.

    7. Another capture of Samantha and Darrin of Bewitched.

    8. The Honeymooners was broadcast between 1955 and 1966.

    9. Here's the Lassie clan in full color.

    10. Lassie was broadcast in black and white for the first 10 seasons.

    11. Whoa...it's Gomez Addams in color.

    12. This shot from The Addams Family set looks entirely too colorful and happy.