Insane Photos Of Tokyo Commuters In The '60s And '70s

    Public transportation at rush hour has been crazy for years.

    Here's a snap from 1972, during a Tokyo railway strike, which crowded trains so much, some had to exit through windows. Weeee!

    However, rush hour in Tokyo can be insane nevertheless. Here's just a normal morning in 1970.

    Here at Tokyo's Shinjuku station, these guys are actually professional "pushers."

    They are literally tasked with shoving people onto the train. This is apparently even harder in the winter months when everyone wears bulky coats.

    Not sure which is worse — being the pusher or pushee?


    Excuse me, sir? Could you suck it in? Suckkkkk.

    Baby ostensibly not on board.

    Of course, not much has changed for commuters in Tokyo...

    As you can see here.

    And here.

    And here. This looks like so much fun.