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    16 Insane His-And-Hers Fashions Of The 70s

    Dear god.

    1. Welcome to the most embarrassing double date to ever take place.

    2. By all means, conduct your daily business in dual denim.

    3. Matching your underwear to your partner's just took things to a whole new level of weird.

    4. Who do you think is more excited about wearing this shirt?

    5. Maybe there's something in a reality series on matching couples. I so want to know what these folks' deal is.

    6. These people are totally ready for Androgynous Rodeo Day.

    7. This is how rich people look when they match.

    8. Menage à mauve.

    9. They swore they didn't plan it! (They did.)

    10. There's so much comedy in matching outfits! "Honey, you're wearing MY shirt! Silly you."

    11. This couple is pissed that someone else showed up wearing a pantsuit, and that it was better than theirs.

    12. Here's the 1970s equivalent to the Coachella power couple.

    13. Different prints on the same top...still, it's unadvisable to show up to a party like this.

    14. Insanity times a million.

    15. OK, well...this is actually pretty gosh darn cute.

    16. This, however, is a total catastrophe.