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    16 Insane Gifts From Vintage Neiman Marcus Christmas Books

    The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has a long and famed history of sourcing lavish gifts for rich people. Here's a look back at some of the highlights.

    1. 1972: His & Hers mannequins, $3,000 each.

    All you ever wanted — replicas of real people. CREEPY.

    2. 1969: Baby girl elephant from Thailand, $6,000.

    3. 1969: The Honeywell Kitchen Computer, $10,600.

    4. 1995: His & Hers name-on-a-plane package, starting at $100,000.

    This gift allowed a couple to have a name painted onto a United Boeing 777 aircraft, which would remain there for one year. The couple would also get unlimited first class travel for a year. The bidding started at $100,000; the winning bid was $177,747.17.

    5. 1984: His & Hers cow desks, $65,000.

    The purchaser could immortalize their favorite cow or horse, which would be turned into a drop-leaf desk. Weird.

    6. 1978: Solid milk chocolate Monopoly set, $600.

    7. 1966: His & Hers side-by-side bathtubs, $4,000.

    8. 1970: A Noah's Ark replica complete with livestock, $588,247.

    Unsurprisingly, no one bought this. (And it wasn't actually ever built.)

    9. 1994: His & Hers Bellaqua Breathing Observation Bubble, $7,500 each.

    These were little underwater scooters. If you wanted to upgrade with a communications system, they were $9,000 each.

    10. 1992: Luxury customized golf cart, $9,700.

    11. 1989: Russian lynx fur coat, $150,000.

    12. 1970: Pleasure cruise for 598 people around the Florida coast, $35,000.

    13. 1967: His & Hers camels, $4,125.

    14. 1995: Joe Boxer/Motorola "Cyberscooter," $10,000

    This came equipped with a Motorola cell phone and an Envoy (some kind of personal digital assistant). You also got 30 pairs of Joe Boxers AND your very own page on!

    15. 1962: Chinese junk boat, $11,700.

    Made in Hong Kong, these Chinese boats were shipped to the Port of Houston.

    16. 2009: Cupcake car, $25,000.