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    Jul 18, 2013

    Incredibly Dorky ’90s Video Tells You Why Rollerblading Is Cool, Funky, And Hip

    Did we really spend the '90s zooming around in neon shorts to a jazzy saxophone soundtrack? We did, didn't we.

    Hey, Former '90s Rollerblading Fan (that's you!), if you're gonna hit the streets, better make sure you look cool. Wear Blade Gear fashions, the clothing line made just for rollerbladers!

    The clothes obey the laws of physics. If you move and you are wearing them, they will also move.

    See how funky fresh you look?

    As we see in the Blade Gear commercial, you may even attract a fine dancing partner.

    Damn. You guys have skills.

    I mean. This stuff looks suh-weeeeeet.

    ....I do not know why on earth you end your commercial this way. But fact is, I concur.

    Check out the full Blade Gear commercial here:

    View this video on YouTube

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