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    In 1936, Minnie And Mickey Tied The Knot

    These kids...playing it so cool all these years, when actually they got married over 70 years ago. Well, sort of.

    Here's a newspaper clipping from the North Mail & Newcastle Daily Chronicle, which is dated April 3, 1936.

    The caption reads: "The wedding of Mickey Mouse." What?! Haven't Minnie and Mickey been famously "just dating" all these years?

    We were able to get some more info from Walt Disney Archivist Rebecca Cline who explained more about the clipping:

    It was put in to advertise a charity matinee being held at a theatre in Whitley Bay, Tyne, England.

    The children's charity matinee The Wedding of Mickey Mouse, was an event that toured the territories of our British film licensees throughout 1936. This particular charity matinee and stage show was held in the seaside resort town of Whitley Bay. We also have clippings describing the same event happening in other theaters in London, Sydney and New Zealand. would appear that this proposal, while all so heartwarming, was actually performed several times over for audiences around the world.

    Wow. As it turns out, Mickey and Minnie costumes from this era varied quite a bit.

    According to Disney, "The 1930s Mickey Mouse Club characters from U.S. and England were home grown, mostly simple costume pieces (buttoned shorts for Mickey, a dotted skirt and hat for Minnie) with leotards and tights, made by a supporter of the club."

    Despite having several public weddings, it would appear as though the ceremonies didn't really count for the Disney couple:

    From Archivist Rebecca Cline: "The company's position on Mickey and Minnie as a couple is that 'Minnie is Mickey's leading lady and best girl' and that although as actors they occasionally appear on film as a married couple, they are not married in real life."

    Womp womp.

    However! Here's one completely endearing fact: The actors who voiced Mickey and Minnie — Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor — were married in real life.

    Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

    There's still hope for us yet.

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