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If Famous Paintings Guest Starred On TV Shows

Special appearances by Renaissance babies and impressionist ladies.

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1. Monet's "Woman With a Parasol" on Friends


In this episode: A mysterious woman with an umbrella shows up at Central Perk. Chandler decides she is his dream girl. Flustered, he ruins his chances by pretending he cannot speak English for no apparent reason.

2. Degas' ballerinas on So You Think You Can Dance


In this episode: Dancers receive low marks from Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul for their hip hop-inspired ballet, saying they're just "not street enough."

3. Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" on Girls


In this episode: The group's friend from college returns from her year abroad in Paris, and they now find her seemingly too perfect... until she gets beyond wasted during a dumpster-diving party in Bushwick.


6. Vermeer's milkmaid on Top Chef


In this episode: In pairs, each team has only 20 minutes to make a deconstructed lobster soufflé. Milkmaid lady's team is eliminated; she couldn't seem to pick up the pace.

8. Renoir's "Girls at the Piano" on The Voice


In this episode: Christina Aguilera coaches Piano Girl for her performance of "Greatest Love of All," telling her she's "gotta really milk those moments." In her performance, Piano Girl ends up being pitchy and it's a big disappointment.